10 Interesting Facts About South Africa

South Africa, probably one of the most colorful countries in the world, situated at the very southern tip of Africa. Lets at what they say about South Africa before we look at the 10 interesting facts about South Africa. Geogaphia describes South Africa as one of the most geographically varied countries of the African continent, comprising of territories that range from fertile plains of the Highveld and the wide open savanna of Mpumalanga Province to the Kalahari desert and the peaks of the Drakensberg Mountains. South Africa has something to offer for all kind of travellers and potential visitors.

SA Specialist outlined that even though South Africa is at the bottom of Africa, it is widely regarded as being top in terms of its superb infrastructure, legendary sunny climate, and its incredible geographical diversity. For example South Africa offers expect superb beaches, dramatic mountain ranges, sophisticated cities, quaint villages, historical battlefields, oceans, valleys, bushveld teeming with game, hundreds of bird species, great and small semi deserts, wide open space and much more. To give an idea of what South Africa has to offer we have compiled 10 interesting facts about South Africa:


1.      Three Capital Cities

Although Johannesburg is the largest city and the economic harbour of the country, it is not the capital city. South Africa has three capital cities, Pretoria is the administrative capital, Bloemfontein is the judiciary capital and Cape Town is the legislative capital.


2.      Cape Route 62

Cape Route 62, Western Cape in South Africa, is where the longest wine route in the world is found. Along the route you can also find 500 different species of indigenous flora, orchards and vineyards. You can also spot the SA’s national bird and endangered species, the Blue Crane along the dams and the wetlands.

cape route 62


3.      Tugela Falls

Located in the Drankensberg of Royal Natal National Park in KwaZulu-Natal province, you will find the Tugela Falls. Arguably  eligible for the number one spot. Tugela Falls claim the second as the world’s second highest waterfall.

Tugela Falls


4.      Highest Commercial Bungee Jumping Bridge

The highest commercial bridge bungee jump is found right in the heart of South Africa. The bridge stand at 216 meters over the Bloukrans River. It is the fourth highest jumping pod and bridge works found on the N2 highway connecting Cape Town and Durban. It is a perfect place for thrill seeking individuals.


5.      Vilakazi Street, Soweto

Vilakazi Street in the huge Soweto Township in Johannesburg, is the only street in the world that can claim two Nobel Prize winners as residents, Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu and Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Tutu still lives here with his wife and the Mandela house has become a museum open for public viewing.

MAndela and Tutu, Vilakazi Street Residents


6.      Medical Breakthroughs

Christiaan Barnard performed the first ever heart transplant in South Africa on December 3, 1967 on patient called Louis Washkansky. Even though Washkansky died eight days later of Pneumonia, they declared the transplant as successful.


7.      Tea Leaves

The only place in the world where you can grow the natural caffeine free rooibos tea is in the Cedarburg Mountains in South Africa. The rooibos tea gained its popularity not only for its mouth-watering aroma and light flavoring. At the same time it also grew the demand among the health enthusiasts, due to its health benefits.


8.      Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve

The South Africa’s most unique cave resort, with the luxury cave rooms surrounded by the cave paintings, nestled between sandstone formation and the ever so real Fred Flintstone fantasy can found at the Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve near the Cedarburg Mountain. Guests can also sleep under the stars, in the ‘Outcrop Open Air Room’ and enjoy the celestial show.

Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve


9.     African Penguins

It is only in South Africa where you can share a warm and sunny beach with a colony of African penguins.  Jackass penguins, as previously known, can be found along the western coast of South Africa. For example, the Boulders Beach, south of Cape Town close to the Simon’s town.


10.   Tiffendel Ski Resort

Located in the Drakensburg mountain of the Eastern Cape province you can find the Tiffendell Ski Resort at a height of 2720 meters above sea level, you can go skiing/snowboarding in June-August.

Tiffendel Ski Resort