8 Traveling Survival Tips

When traveling, the last thing you wants is to find yourself stranded, having forgotten something, or wishing you had known something before boarding. But don’t worry because TLN Travel has got you covered. We have outlined the 8 traveling survival tips you will be thankful for knowing before leaving the house.


1.     Hydration

When traveling we have a constant need for water to stay hydrated. Water bottles are expensive at hotels, so having your own reusable water bottle to refill will save you unnecessary costs.

2.     Have a Pen

Everywhere you go, in everything that you do, you will need a pen. Whether it’s to sign, write your travel information, your memos, it best to bring your own pen. You do not want to be late for certain things or be in an awkward situation while waiting for someone to finish so they can borrow you their pen.

3.     Take a Picture

Because you can never be sure, and mistakes can happen and you end up losing your important documents. It is always best to take a picture of your important documents i.e. credit cards, identification, passport etc. and leave them with a trustee that is not travelling with you, or so you can easily retrieve them from your cloud when you need to.

4.     Fuel Up

When touring and wondering the streets your body requires energy. Being tired and hungry will only spoil your mood and you will not have any fun. So it is advisable that you always have a snack readily available. Advisably snack bars and fruits are the best for boosting up your energy and enjoying the rest of your trip.

5.     Mix Luggage

The stress is real, anything can happen and luggage can go missing. So to avoid this stress, when traveling with family and friends it is always best for you to mix clothes in each other’s luggage. When the misfortune happens and someone loses their luggage you can have extra clothes.

6.     Carry a Scarf

You will be surprised to find how many things a person can do when they have a scarf handy. You can use it to keep warm, make a pillow or anything really.

7.     Charging Up

Some countries have different wall port and bolt charges, and some people tend to buy a specific adapter for the destination country. But that is an unnecessary costs and the money can be used for other certain things, if you charge on the TV. You can use the TV USB port to charge all your essentials.

8.     Skincare

We all know that when traveling we can easily get dry skin. Harsh weathers and different environments are the main contributing factor towards dry skin. Constantly moisturizing your skin is vital for preventing your beautiful skin from being badly affected during your trip.